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 Video Checklist

Ask if the videographer is a full or part time professional or a weekend hobbyist. Are there professional backup personnel available? Are former clients willing to declare the proficiency of the company?

Is there more than one demo tape? A single tape may have been produced by some other professional in another state. Ask if you can see a live demonstration of the editing equipment that produced the tape you are viewing. Any real professional will be proud to demonstrate the capabilities of his investment if, indeed, they exist.

Do the videographers bring more than one camera with them?

How will they be dressed for this occasion?

Do they have digital cameras and editing equipment. Ask to see them. These formats are essential to producing a quality tape.

Do they have a wireless microphone system(s) for audio recordings.

Ask about special lighting techniques. Even the best equipment will produce poor quality in a dimly lit church or reception facility.

Don't sell yourself short. Spend at least as much time viewing the demo and the equipment of the videographer as you would with the photographer or any other provider that you are hiring to ensure a worry free wedding day.


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