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Whatever time of day you choose, there are options of menus in every price range.

Wedding ceremonies held before noon may appropriately be followed by a brunch or luncheon served sitdown or buffet, which takes place in late morning or early afternoon. If afternoon activities are not planned for most of the wedding guests and a dance is to be held in the evening, dinner prior to the dance is the general rule.

Afternoon weddings work well with either an appetizer/cocktail buffet reception or a sitdown or buffet dinner reception.

Evening weddings generally require a dinner to be served at the reception - unless guests are notified that dinner will not be served.

IMPORTANT: When you order invitations, talk about the wording of the information regarding the serving of food at your wedding - this is an important point, so don't make your guests wonder whether or not they should eat before they come. Generally a reception card or a notation at the bottom of your invitation will give your guests the necessary information: 'Dinner and dance follows...' 'a noon buffet luncheon will be held ...', 'a 5-o'clock hors d'oeuvre buffet and social hour will follow the ceremony at ...'.


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