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 Limousine Tips

Wedding rates are usually quoted at a package price. Always ask ...

  • Total number of hours ?
  • When does time start?
  • Any travel charges?
  • Size (of stretch / # of passengers)
  • Color (inside and out)
  • Make and year of limousine?
  • Chauffeur gratuity included, and what percent?
  • Chauffeurs attire?
  • Non-alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic champagne
  • Crystal glassware/stemware included?
  • Red carpet
  • JUST MARRIED signs
  • Flowers
  • Photographs of the vehicle?


    Bridal Consignment Stores

 Blush Bridal Consignment Boutique      Click to view Blush Bridal Consignment Boutique details
Port Warwick
185 Herman Melville Ave.
Newport News  
(757) 595-7797

 SILK      Click to view SILK details
bridal consignment

Chambord Commons
2228 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach  
(757) 631-2525

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