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Who pays for the formalwear?

Formalwear rental is the responsibility of each groomsman, although the groom or his parents may offer to underwrite the expense. If special accessories, ties, ascot or gloves are selected, the groom pays for them.

Should the groomsmen & the groom be dressed identically.

Yes, traditionally every man in the wedding party (groomsmen, ushers, fathers and the ring bearer) dresses alike.

How should a tuxedo fit?

The coat should allow free movement of the arms and should not feel snug in the armholes.

The coat should lay smoothly across the back.

The hem of the coat would reach to the curl of the fingers when arms are held straight down at the sides.

The coat sleeve should reveal 1/2 inch of the shirt cuff.

The trousers should be hemmed even with the top of the heel of the shoes in back and, in front they should barely break, resting on the top of the shoes.

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