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Most weddings include participants, family members, and guests form out-of-town. It is usually an inconvenience for the direct wedding party and their families to be running to and from the airport and making accommodation and transportation arrangements for all of them.

In order to simplify this procedure, make arrangements with a local hotel or motel to take care of accommodations for all of your out-of-town guests. Often-times, they will be willing to give them a special rate. This will allow several of them to travel to the ceremony together or make it more convenient to pick them up before the ceremony. Some hotels and motels will provide a special service. They will accommodate your guests and use their limousine service as a means of getting them to the ceremony.

Rental car companies often have special weekend rates and will be glad to accommodate the entire out-of-town wedding party. Find out which guests need cars and then make the reservations at one time. your guests will appreciate this gesture. Many travel agencies will work out both accommodations and transportation details for your out-of-town guests. This can save them time. It is especially helpful for your out-of-town attendants.

In addition, the hotel concierge can arrange tours, shopping visits, or most anything else your guests would enjoy. This service lets your guests continue to enjoy their stay while you are off on your honeymoon. Anything you can do to help those who travel to share in your special day will be appreciated by them and make the day even more special.


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